Sweet Tea


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It is hard to hear the name of this strain without wanting to sing it. It only becomes harder not to sing it after you’ve smoked it. This sweet little lady is the easy-going bud you’ve searched high and low for, we assure you that. By using a special cut of the scrumptious Sweet Island Skunk, Humboldt Apothecary created a mellow, yet focused, high that you’ll definitely want to share with a partner, if you catch our drift

Testing on this strain has the THC tagged at around 20% on average, giving users a powerful yet manageable high. The buds of Sweet Jane, otherwise known as Sweet Baby Jane, are chunky and large with forest green hues and bright amber hairs. The glistening trichomes give off a sweet sticky resin and aromas that go from sweet and skunky to milky and tropical. The flavor can be compared to a smoothie, with milky undertones and fresh-cut mango at the forefront. Tropical flavors and a bit of skunkiness round out this bud beautifully.



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